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DS1 prices are determined by many factors. These include geographic location, bandwidth requirements, type of DS1 (DS1 is also commonly referred to as T1), and market conditions. Geographic location is a price factor because costs generally increase with distance from the telephone company's central office or point of presence (POP). For example, if a company is located in a remote location many miles from the nearest POP, the cost to provide DS1 service to that location will be much higher than it would be for a company located within a few miles of the POP. Regarding bandwidth and type of DS1, DS1 lines come in many forms depending on the application and bandwidth needs of your business. These include: full DS1 , fractional, burstable, integrated, channelized, point-to-point, data (internet), voice (telephone), dynamic integrated, PRI, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and frame relay.  

Burstable T1 is an option for businesses which commonly need less than a full T1 (1.54 mbps), but occasionally have surges in bandwidth usage which approach a full T1. Burstable T1 is efficient for these companies because they are commonly billed at a reduced rate, based on average usage of less than full T1. Because the price of full T1 has come down in recent years, burstable T1 is not the bargain it once was. Most customers now prefer to pay a few extra dollars to obtain full clear channel T1. If a company has predictable consistent bandwidth usage, then fractional T1 or full T1 could be more efficient. If both voice and data are needed, then integrated T1 should be considered.  

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